Enterprise of European level
advantages of our products
Modern equipment
We follow modern trends, therefore, the chambers for the production and storage of sausage and meat products are equipped with the latest technology. Moreover, preference is always given to high-quality equipment that meets European standards. At the moment, the Prilutsk meat processing plant uses the equipment of German and Austrian manufacturers.
The best recipes
We follow the technology of manufacturing products, which is a guarantee of the quality of the goods. At the same time, both classic recipes and modern ones are used at the Prilutsk meat-packing plant.
Quality Products
Prilutsk meat processing plant has been certified according to the international HACCP standard. Thanks to this system, we were able to make our products even better.
A wide range of
We manufacture over 80 different types of meat products. Thinking over the assortment, we were guided so that each client could find a suitable option for himself among the variety of our products.
The history of the Prilutsk meat processing plant

Our Partners
About "Prilutsky meat-packing plant"

Priluksky Meat Processing Plant is a Ukrainian enterprise that was founded in 2000. Today, this company confidently maintains its leadership position in Priluki in the market for the production of meat products, and is also engaged in the supply of its products to different cities of Ukraine. The Priluksky Meat Processing Plant stands out from its competitors:

• Low prices.
• High quality products.
• Diverse range of products.
• An efficient logistics system.
• Progressive production facilities.

Today, the products of this meat processing plant are supplied to different cities of Ukraine, including Kiev and the Cherkasy region. The products can be found in various supermarkets and grocery stores under the Prilutskie brand.
Products of this meat processing plant are very popular in Ukraine, therefore the company is constantly expanding its range - today more than 80 varieties of goods are produced.